What criteria must a student meet in order to be eligible for SSSP?

Students who participate in SSSP must be first generation college students, be considered low-income by federal standards, and/or have a documented disability.

Do I need to apply to be a part of this program?

Yes. You need to submit a program application.  Once your program is received and reviewed you eligibility for the program will be determined.  Please click Program Application-1 to download an application.

Where can I obtain a program application?

You can obtain an application by visiting the Center for Academic Success located at 150 S. College Ave. and requesting one or  via email : sssp-staff@udel.edu

Why do you need tax forms with my application?

Participants are eligible for this program based on three types of eligibility (first-generation status, low-income and disability status). We need tax forms determine if a participant is eligible under the low-income status.

Is my Academic Coordinator also my Academic Advisor?

No. Your Academic Advisor is assigned to you through your Academic College (Arts & Science, Business, etc.).  While your Academic Coordinator can help you and guide you with academic decisions, you are still required to meet with your assigned Academic Advisor each semester.

You can find out who your Academic Advisor is by logging on to UDSIS or by checking the website of your college and/or department.

What is an Academic Check-In?

During an Academic Check-In, SSSP participants meet with their Academic Coordinator to set goals, track progress, discuss academic & personal concerns, get connected to resources and opportunities and to help them maintain good academic standing, persist each semester and ultimately attain their bachelor’s degree.

Participants are required to complete two Academic Check-Ins each semester.  Some participants find it helpful to meet more than twice.

What are the responsibilities and requirements of SSSP participants?

Each SSSP participant is required to complete a minimum of two Academic Check-Ins each semester.

Do I have to participate in cultural trips and social activities?

Most cultural trips and social activities are not required.  However, they are usually fun and educational. It’s also a great way to meet more people in the program, make great connections, and network.

How do I take advantage of the free tutoring?

Every participant in SSSP is eligible for two hour per week per subject of free tutoring.  To obtain a tutor, participants can go to the Center for Academic Success located at 150 S. College Ave.  In the waiting room there is a TutorFind Book with tutors in various subjects/courses.  You contact the tutor and set up a time to meet.  When you meet with the tutor, the tutor will have a form. Under the section for “Program Affiliation” you or the tutor can write SSSP.  The tutor will then be paid by submitting the form to the Tutor Coordinator.

Participants can take advantage of the free drop-in tutoring for math and science and group tutoring in the Center for Academic Success.  Hours for drop in tutoring and group tutoring options can be found at on the Academic Enrichment site.

What is the Academic Resource Center (ARC)?

The ARC is an academic space set aside for SSSP participants.  There are computers and free printing available. Many students use the space to study, work on class assignments and to take a break in between classes.  The ARC is located on the third floor of the Center for Academic Success (150 S. College Ave).  The hours for ARC are:

  • Monday-Thursday   8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday                         8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Sunday                       1:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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